Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How to Setup a Perfect Commercial Gym?

Are you a phenomenal fitness expert? Is running your own gym one of the biggest ambitions in your life? You have landed your destination because our today’s post will offer all the information a person needs for setting up a commercial gym. 

For getting success in the gym business planning ahead is vital, it is necessary to attain a business license, decide the location and budget, raise the funds if you do not have sufficient money for the venture. The most important asset in the fitness project is the fitness equipment used for gym setup in India

Here are the prime aspects which will help you know how you can set up a commercial gymnasium: -

1. Find the Business Requirement 

Before getting started you should have a clear understanding of the paperwork and legal procedures you need to follow. Some common steps that you have to take includes –

a. Having a business structure to execute your commercial gym business in an organized manner. 

b. Registering your brand name under government.

c. Requesting for tax id number (TIN)

You will have to custom a few things according to the type of service you are planning to provide.

For development a robust business plan discovering the target clientele is vital. Do a market research of your niche to have the basic idea of how you can gain profits and the expenses you will face in future. 

Also, identify the type of gym it should be as it will assist you in a better analysis of your business. E.g. it can be a women-centric gym in case your staff is specialized in women’s health and training respectively or a body-building centre if you gym instructors are more competent to train the bodybuilders. 
2. Decide the Location

Location can directly impact the trade; therefore choosing an ideal locality for
Your commercial gym is the key. 

Consider the sort of workout, exercises and cardio you will offer to decide the amount of space you require. E.g. the gymnasium offering aerobics, cycling, yoga, etc. should have a different room for each of the above. Additional space is required for setting up the locker, waiting for space, sauna etc.  

The gym owners who want to offer water aerobic training should figure out a place which either has an indoor pool or allows its installation. 

It is better to go for a larger space because if your business expands you might have to relocate. Relocation of a commercial gym set up in India, often shrunk the revenue as gym goers leave the gym if the new location is inaccessible.

3. Equipment Acquisition 

The number and type of gym machines you should buy largely depends on the people who join your gym. If your gym proffers a wider range of age group then buying resistance training equipment (e.g. dumbbells), free weights, cardio devices treadmill and recumbent bikes should be your motto. 

Choose a brand which provides high-quality equipment at an affordable rate this will reduce your gym setup price in India

Some of the things are essential to buy such as general gym accessories, mats, exercise ball as the clients would like to utilize them for stretching. The niche-specific requirement is different in every case Example – For a boxing focussed gym boxing gloves, punching bags and defensive equipment are a must to have. 

 Other than above, one important consideration is having proper finance and investing in right resources. You might have to employ people as trainers, health consultant and for front desk tasks. This brings us to the end of today’s brainstorming session we hope the above-mentioned details will help you in your commercial gym venture.       
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