Monday, 5 September 2016

4 Reasons Why Yoga Keeps You As Fit As A Fiddle

Yoga is a type of exercise that helps keeping your hale and hearty. It helps you in keeping you fit with regards to your mind, spirit and body. Yoga is the exercise, which is all the rage these days, which helps you remain fit every time. It can be seen that the western society is witnessing the obesity in large group of people.

This is the reason yoga is trending as it is the natural exercise which helps you get back into perfect shape and helps you reduce your weight. As it is rightly said that, you must eat proper nutritional food which will keep you healthy. But, along with eating healthy diet, you also need to exercise regularly.

Well, there are multifarious types of yoga positions which must be practiced under the supervision of yoga teacher. The best exercise which helps you in burning those extra calories is regular yoga. if you want to know more about how yoga keeps fit then don't go anywhere and remained with us because today probodyline most trusted Commercial Gym Equipments Store online in India, are wants to share 4 reasons how yoga keeps you fit and the list are given below side:

#1 Yoga triggers the thyroid gland:

The thyroid gland secretes a particular hormone which controls the metabolism of the body. Thyroid gland is one of the gland in our body which can reflect if we have high metabolism rate in the body, lot of fat burning to be precise. Many people in the world have disbalanced thyroid gland function. 2 types are hypothyroidsm, that is low metabolism in the body and hypwerthyroidism, which is high metabolism in the body.

The below is the list of yoga positions which keeps thyroid gland balanced:

Matsyasana (fish posture)
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

#2 Yoga helps in maintain right Ph balance of the body:

Some people have a very low pH balance of the body that means acidic body. In this case, body will need to safeguard itself from the acide by storing the fat. That is the reason, the body must have the perfect pH balance. The correct Ph balance counts to 7.35. The people who are unable to have a control on their obesity issues are said to have acidic body.

These 2 yoga asanas are best for expanding the alkalinity:

Janushirasana (head to knee pose)
Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

#3 Yoga triggers the internal heat of nervous system in body:

Many people have a thinking that hot yoga sessions brings you back to shape. It is just a misconception on their part. The correct way of performing yoga is by producing internal heat of the body, and this can be done by triggering nerve tension. It is the sure fire way to help make the body warmer naturally.

These are the 2 perfect yoga asanas for producing internal heat of nervous system:

Anjaneyasana (lunge)
Paschmottanasana (seated forward bend)

It must be noted that in the aforementioned yoga positions, the head needs to be drawn downward energetically.

#4 Yoga keeps your heart healthy:

Practicing yoga regularly is the sure shot way of keeping your heart healthy. You can begin with the standing posture right in front of your yoga mat, just start with Surya namaskar twice, which is called sun salutation. After then you have to again come to standing position and get your heart connected with your palms together and just close your eyes for a moment. Repeat this yoga position again but increase the pace this time. This is the best yoga position which helps you in keeping your heart rate ideal.

Closing Thoughts:

So, are you all set to get back into shape without spending a king's ransom for fitness? The yoga is the best solution for the same. Just get the trendy yoga mat, which will attract you to the core every morning to perform your favourite yoga position on it. Stay fit. Stay healthy and get the clean bill of your health by exercising yoga regularly. 
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